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Bush Tucker Journey with Mark Olive

When it comes to food, Australia truly is the lucky country. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, we have the culinary world on our doorstep. Yet ask most Australians if we have a ... Read more

Peninsula Travel escapes

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands Need to leave the everyday behind? Journey to Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and you will surely gain a new point of view. Explore the White Continent with the experts, from ... Read more

Get to know… Ali

My favourite film is... The Blind Side. Because it's based on a true story, it depicts what is really important in life. Something my mother told me that I always live by, is… treat others how ... Read more

Discover Croatia

What to eat, drink and read before you go   Best time to visit: April to June, and September to October. Eat: Pasticada – tender beef stewed in wine and aromatic spices. Drink: Ozusko or ... Read more

World’s wackiest theme parks

The promise of hours of PG-rated fun has made theme parks one of the mainstays of family vacations for the past couple of decades. But not all theme parks are created equal. We took a ... Read more

Sticking it to Milan

In the age of the smart phone, one gadget has risen above all others as the travel accessory of choice – the selfie stick.   They were the 'fad du jour' for Christmas 2014, with a ... Read more

Travel trivia – test your knowledge about Croatia

What percentage of Croatia is made up of nature parks and reserves? What breed of dog can be traced back to Croatia? What does Croatia have that is the smallest in the world? What item ... Read more

We’re branching out

What’s better than having award-winning agency, Peninsula Travel, take care of all your travel arrangements? Having two offices to choose from, of course! Fresh from our victory at the helloworld national titles, where director Michele Saunderson ... Read more

Discover France – What to eat, drink & read before you go

Best time to visit: April to June, September and October. Eat: Brenton crépes in a traditional long house encircled by a cromlech (prehistoric megalith) in Brittany. Drink: Cider in Normandy, pastis in Provence and well-aged ... Read more

Secrets of Versailles

France’s most famous and grandiose palace actually began life as a humble hunting lodge. It was the prolific game of the uncultivated land around Versailles that first attracted France’s king, Louis XIII (1601-1643), to the ... Read more

The sparkling history of champagne

It's said when Dom Perignon invented champagne in the 17th century, he called to his fellow Benedictine monks, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.” Or so the story goes… In truth, the first appearance ... Read more

A Michelin Star in the making

From humble beginnings as a simple handbook to encourage motorists to explore the French countryside, the Michelin guide has grown to wield enormous power over the culinary landscape. Devised by a couple of tyre company ... Read more

Get to know … Jess

If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life it would be … Italian food. OK, so I know this isn’t one meal but I could never choose! Who doesn’t love a ... Read more

Closer to home

  Home grown and proud: The team from Peninsula Travel will be at the Red Hill Community Market on March 4 - why don't you pop along and say hi! While you're there, you can pick ... Read more

Say Cheese – we congratulate our photo competition winner

Talk about a photo worthy of the cover of National Geographic! This amazing image was captured by Graeme and Ella Jones on their equally amazing trip to Antarctica. This breathtakingly beautiful, pristine part of the world certainly ... Read more

Travel trivia – test your knowledge about France

1: How much cheese does France produce each year? 2: UNESCO World Heritage Status was awarded to what in France in 2010? 3: How many people visited France in 2014? 4: What is there in ... Read more

Travel trivia – test your knowledge about Iceland

1: What do the three colours of the Icelandic flag represent? 2: Who were the first people thought to have lived in Iceland? 3: What is the population of Iceland? 4: How many volcanoes are ... Read more

Say Cheese – we congratulate our photo competition winner

Dylan Thomas once described the picturesque fishing village Mousehole as "the loveliest village in England". It's easy to see why in this beautiful picture, captured on a misty morning by this month's photo competition winners Mr Kevin ... Read more

Closer to home

Here are a few events that are sure to guarantee you a decent dose of the Christmas spirit: Homegrown carols: Nothing beats a night of carols to bring a little joy to the world. The ... Read more

Five tips on preventing jet lag

While the modern miracle of air travel makes it possible to soar to the other side of the world in a matter of hours, the swift traversing of time zones can result in everything from insomnia ... Read more

Have yourself a ‘Scandi’ little Christmas

The snow, the roaring log fires, the towering spruce, the reindeer. When it comes to the festive season, the Scandinavians seem to have Christmas all wrapped up. But don’t take our word for it - ... Read more

Virtuoso exclusive

Isn't it time you went barefoot in the park? We think it is. And what better place to start your New York adventure than in the lap of luxury at The Park Plaza - just like Jane and ... Read more

Getting to know … Katie

The last photo I took on my phone was… my kids walking in the sunshine. If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life it would be… roast lamb or pork ... Read more

Discover Iceland

Discover Iceland What to eat, drink & read before you go       Best time to visit: May to September to avoid the dark and cold, or December to February to see Iceland at ... Read more

The virtues of Virtuoso

It’s always nice to be part of the club – especially when that club is an invitation-only, world-leading, luxury travel network.Peninsula Travel is excited to announce we are now a member of the travel industry’s leading ... Read more

Peninsula Travel’s prestigious award win

Caption: Michele Saunderson accepts the 2016 helloworld Office of the Year for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania from helloworld National Manager David Padman and CEO Andrew Burnes.   Peninsula Travel's prestigious award win Peninsula Travel ... Read more

Catinka’s French Connection

I recently returned from a week and a half in France, and while admittedly my first trip, it is now on my list of favourite places in the world! I began my journey in the city of ... Read more

Travel trivia – test your knowledge about Spain

1: Which country has the most Spanish speakers? 2: Spain was the third most popular tourist destination in 2013. How many people visited? 3: When and where does Spain’s most famous festival, the Running of ... Read more

Say Cheese – we congratulate our photo competition winner

When it comes to memorable holiday snaps, it's hard to beat a beautiful sunrise. Bruce Jenkinson and Jennifer Thomson certainly captured the stark majesty of the red-sand desert region on the Arizona-Utah border in this photograph, ... Read more

Strange tastes – the world’s weirdest restaurants

How far have you pushed your hunger for the new and exciting? Ever dined in the dark or high up in a treehouse? Or does the idea of a hardened criminal as your maitre d’ ... Read more

Closer to home

  It was a full house at our Cruise Expo on October 4, when experts from six of the world’s most luxurious liners popped down to Mornington Yacht Club to share their wealth of knowledge. ... Read more

Eleanor’s Vietnam Adventure!

Eleanor’s Adventure in Vietnam I spent two wonderful weeks in September travelling around Vietnam with my partner. Starting in Saigon, we ventured out to the beautiful Mekong Delta, as we rode our bikes through the ... Read more

Getting to know Catinka

Getting to know ... Catinka The teacher who had the biggest impact on me … was my grade 6 teacher. He brought out a love for the theatre, old movies and an obsession with the ... Read more

Discover Spain

Discover Spain What to eat, drink & read before you go   Best time to visit: May, June, September and October. Eat: Wafer-thin slices of jamón ibérico de bellota and paella (especially in its birthplace – ... Read more

Closer to home

As much as we all love to travel, sometimes you don’t need to go very far to have fun. There are always a wealth of events on right on our doorstep here in Mt Martha, ... Read more

A picture tells a thousand words!

On safari in Kenya! Sometimes it takes ages to set up the perfect photo, framed just so. Other times, you have just a split-second to react - which exactly how this month’s photo competition winner ... Read more

A day in the life of a river cruiser

Many of you have already experienced a day on one or many of the rivers of Europe  in what seems to be the hottest travel trend for 2016 - river cruising.  For those who have, ... Read more

Travel Trivia – Test your knowledge about Canada

1: What is the capital of Canada? 2: What do Canadians call the $1 coin? 3: What are Canadian scientists James Till and Ernest McCulloch credited with discovering? 4: How many time zones does Canada ... Read more

Getting to know Eleanor

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be … oh definitely sushi! I love it so much I think I must’ve been Japanese in my past life. ... Read more

Discover Canada What to eat, drink & read before you go

Best time to visit: March to November - except in the north where winter comes early (October) and finishes late (April). Eat: Seafood from the coast and maple syrup from the trees. Drink: Many superb wines from ... Read more

Flying first class – go on, spoil yourself!

There’s a saying that in life that you get what you pay for and nowhere is this more apparent than flying first class. From chef-created menus to fully reclining beds, today’s first-class suites are more ... Read more

Africa – The Trip Of A Life Time!

Africa is so unique, you won't find anywhere else like it. Once you have set foot in this remarkable place, you are bound to be left with everlasting memories and the most wonderful stories. Enjoy a ... Read more

Discover Russia – What to eat, drink & read before you go

Best time to visit: May to October Eat: Pelmeni (meat dumplings) or borsch with smentana (sour cream). Drink: Vodka, Baltika beer and piping hot tea poured from a samovar. Before you go Read: Leo Tolstoy’s ... Read more

Havana Heyday – Countdown to Cuba

Think of Cuba and an image of Che Guevara or Fidel Castro probably pops into mind. But there’s a great deal more to Cuba than just its politics. Long before the Cuban missile crisis and ... Read more

Jess spills the beans on her romantic honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be one of life’s most stressful events. By the time you’ve negotiated the family squabbles and worked out where to seat poor halitosis afflicted Uncle Robert, getting the destination right for ... Read more

Three events you won’t want to miss!

1: APT Tours and River Cruise expo Got a penchant for a picturesque European river cruise? Do you dream of taking in the steamy delights of Asia? Or perhaps an Alaskan adventure is your hearts’ ... Read more

Say cheese! We congratulate our photo competition winner

The idyllic Dordogne region is among the hottest destinations in France, and it’s easy to see why when you set eyes on this gorgeous holiday snap courtesy of Mr and Mrs Swan. They have perfectly ... Read more

Coins in a fountain – where does all the money go?

It’s something most of us have done at one time or another on our travels – tossed a coin in a fountain and made a wish. But have you ever wondered why – or what ... Read more

Ten packing hacks you’ll thank us for

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning a holiday. But if you‘re anything like us, there’s one part of the preparations you dread - packing. Love it, or hate it, there’s no avoiding it. So ... Read more

Why I love San Francisco

By Michele Saunderson Grab your coat and a handful of glitter, and enter the land of fog and fabulousness. So long, inhibitions; hello, San Francisco! Good times and social revolutions tend to start here, from ... Read more

Discover Mexico – What to eat, drink & read before you go

What's not to love about Mexico's beautiful coasts, jungles, volcanoes and cities – and its superbly tasty food, spectacular ancient civilizations, inspired art and handicrafts and, most of all, its charming, hospitable, so very real people. Popular culture ... Read more

Cuba as we know it: A question of now or never?

“I´m tired of the city life, summer´s on the run. People tell me I should stay, but I got to get some fun. So don´t try and hold me back. Aint nothing you can say. ... Read more

The Best of the Best in Cruising, Right Here in Melbourne

If you like cruising, you’ll love this time of year.  From Mt Martha beach you can look out over Port Phillip Bay to see ships coming and going daily.  From November to March we have ... Read more

Discover Antarctica – What to eat, drink & read before you go

There is no place on Earth that compares to this great white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica is simply mesmerising. In Antarctica’s surreal remoteness and extreme conditions, its ice and weather, not clocks and ... Read more

Discover Montenegro

What to eat, drink & read before you go Montenegro: the very name conjures up images of romance and drama and this fascinating land doesn't disappoint on either front. There's not a lot of it ... Read more

Introducing Zanzibar Archipelago

By Michele Saunderson For many, the choice to visit to Zanzibar is merely a pull to the sand, sea, palm trees and beach cabanas but this island paradise offers so much more. Don't pigeon hole ... Read more

Is China on your Bucket List?

Talk to Catinka about all the adventures you can have Have you dreamed of scaling the Great Wall of China, taking a Tai Chi class, or mastering the art of bartering? Just imagine experiencing firsthand ... Read more

Why I Love Switzerland – By Jessica Gordon

If you look past the silk-smooth chocolate, cuckoo clocks and the yodel-ay-ee-hoo's, contemporary Switzerland is all about wonderfully sublime experiences and awe-inspiring journeys, writes Jessica Gordon from Peninsula Travel. Here's Jessica's delightful review from her ... Read more

Discover Burma (Republic of Myanmar) – What to eat, drink & read before you go

In a nation with well over 100 ethnic groups, exploring Myanmar can often feel like you've stumbled into a living edition of the National Geographic in 1910. This beautiful country is scattered with gilded pagodas, ... Read more

Peninsula Cruise Day

Register for our FREE Peninsula Cruise Day Tuesday, 1st September 2015 If you're thinking about the age old question, where to next? then we might be able to provide you with the inspiration you need. ... Read more

Discover Tahiti – What to eat, drink & read before you go

Ah Tahiti, just the word conjures up hibiscus flowers; svelte, bronzed dancers in grass skirts; a humid breeze over turquoise sea. The trees are still heavy with fruit, the mountains rise as majestically as ever ... Read more

Cruise N Groove 2016 – Featuring Music Icon: John Farnham

Yes it's back in 2016, Cruise N Groove is returning by popular demand, and featuring one of the biggest Australian music icons of all time, JOHN FARNHAM, who has come out of retirement (again!) to ... Read more

Bravo 2015 A Cruise of the Performing Arts!

Cabins still available! Back by popular demand, BRAVO! A Cruise of the Performing Arts 2015 features the biggest line up of Australian and International artists ever assembled on water. Now that's something to sing-along about! ... Read more

Meet Dash – The Robot Butler that will wait on you

Imagine getting a knock on your hotel room door after phoning room service & finding a robot standing there? It's not the future, but very much the reality as the Crowne Plaza San Jose, Silicon ... Read more

Where to Next? Group departures with Peninsula Travel

Many of you may recall that back in 2013 I made a commitment to go the extra mile, or should I say some extra thousands of miles. My pledge was to travel with you, where ... Read more

Michele Saunderson discovers the wonderful waterways of Europe

26 days on Uniworld's Ultimate European Journey  2 for 1 offers starting at $8,100 per person In April I set off to Europe. I've coached Europe, I've trained Europe. Hey, I've even walked Europe but ... Read more